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About The Company

Tourist Group Marvis Tourist Organization is tourism logistic company, which was established in 2006. It is family owned and its name Marvis comes from first letters of our family members. Our main goal was to provide legal and high quality tourist guiding services for incoming foreign tourist groups in Slovenian growing tourist market.

Tourist Group In 2009 ownership changed. Marvis Tourist Organization passed to younger family member Vid Legradic, who evolve firm from provider of tourist guides into tree branch multi-purpose company which is in Slovenian and other Southeastern European markets actively involved in tourist guide business, transfer services and other logistics in tourism.

Marvis Tourist Organization is not a tourist agency and therefore we do not create itineraries and organize tours. This is unique about us and it makes us more focused to provide best logistical support to other DMC's, FIT's, individuals and tourist corporations in Slovenia.