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Personal and Fleet


General Manager

In my life, I was and I am doing a lot of things. I am a pilot of a glider plane, I am dealing with extreme mountaineering, mountain biking, photography, hiking, herb gathering and professionally with problems of modern society, especially ecology and sociology, however I possess master’s degree from political science. Since I was a small boy, I was connected with guiding, escorting my parents on tourist tours. Part of my family is dealing with tourism for 40 years already. It was natural to me, that I will become involved in tourism in one point in my life. This is the job, which encompasses in me everything I love: nature, society and people. Mostly I prefer to be away from offices and computers. Doing transfers, checking hotels or restaurants and guide my dear guests.


Assistant Manager

I am actively involved in tourism with short breaks for past 35 years. Work with people fulfils me and I am really enjoying in new challenges, which tourist market brings every year. I believe that ever faster growing tourist market will bring wealth to all people and I am really happy to be part of it.

Company employs/hires also 11 other people, mostly tourist guides, during peak of the tourist season.



We are hiring and providing wide range of vehicles for our clients from all price spectrums.

Vehicles owned by our company:

Tourist Group Tourist Group Tourist Group

Ford Mondeo 2010 Turnier Titanium X 2.0. AC Top Specs


Tourist Group Tourist Group Tourist Group

Ford Mondeo 2006 Turnier Ghia X AC Top Specs


Tourist Group

Ford Fusion 2009 Trend AC